Located in the historical centre of Metz, in a building from 12th century, Fonds régional d’art contemporain de Lorraine presents its audiences with a variety of artistic experiences.
Thematic exhibitions bring conference speakers and idea brokers together with musicians, dancers, as well as others from the artistic scene. In the scope of its cross-disciplinarity, Frac fosters a unique relationship with the written word and organises residencies for art critics, historians, philosophers and writers on a regular basis. This initiative stimulates and encourages critical thinking on the stakes of contemporary society.
The ideas and experiences promoted by the Frac are reflected across its territory and through its collection. This collection often deals with female artists and immaterial forms and is developed through performances, dance and other live forms. As a true mirror of an evolving society, Frac invites its audiences to dream the world in which they live through collective experiences and direct participation.