In January of 2011, ESAL was born with the fusion of the École de l’Image d’Épinal and the École Supérieure d’Art de Metz Métropole. In January 2014, the school opened its training centre for teachers of music and dance.
ESAL is a multi-site institution offering training programmes in visual arts, music and dance open to multidisciplinary practices and experiences.

Brief overview
3 sites, 2 clusters
Visual Arts: 240 students
Music & Dance: 60 students
= École Supérieure d’Art de Lorraine: 300 students

Visual Arts: Metz & Épinal
Music & Dance: Metz
3 types of degrees
ESAL awards national degrees, its instruction meeting all French ministerial decrees.

State-certified degree (DE) in teaching - Bac +2 / Bac + 3 (2- / 3-yr degree)
Music & dance

DNA national art degree - Bac + 3 / Licence (3-yr degree)
Art, Communication, Artistic Design

DNSEP advanced degree in visual arts - Bac + 5 (5-yr degree) / Master’s
Art, Communication

5 state-certified training programmes
The school’s multidisciplinary approach enriches its training at each site, while its cross-disciplinary workshops allow for fertile exchanges within numerous fields of contemporary art and the performing arts. Research training is also a common denominator.
For more information, see the student brochures on the website.

Art option, specialization: exploring artistic devices
Communication option, specialization: graphic arts & languages
Artistic Design option, specialization: images & narratives
Music, all fields
Dance, classical, jazz & contemporary

An influential, attractive, transborder territory
Its dual Metz — Épinal sites situate the school at the heart of Europe. Close to Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland, ESAL benefits from a superb location.