This associative structure defines a point of view, a listening point
and offers a meeting place dedicated to the so called family photo.
To that picture which belongs to every one of us. The one that grew up with us like an old cherished jumper misshapen through the years.

That picture which frees the emotions language.
That very picture - because being popular - bears the complex
attributes of our collective history. These pictures quite overcome us with what they are ready to say, show, point out or sketch.

According to Michel Frizot, they go beyond their own frame.
They echo our collective imagination. Thanks to them, the door
to the memory of our feelings remains half-open. Here, we invite ourselves to this birthday party, this sledge ride or this wedding.
There, sitting down for Sunday lunch, breathing in the smells of it.
The family photo album doesn’t teach any lesson,
doesn’t look from above nor judge. The protagonists have both feet
in their present, regardless of the following page or their future.
The album is here, lying on a shelf or at the bottom of a box.
Open or closed.
With no interest for already belonging to the past.

Anne Delrez